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As you drive along Sharon Road in Charlotte you will notice several mature Willow Oak Trees that line the road. These trees were originally planted as part of the Morrison farm and estate, back at the turn of the last century. What was once a farm is now called South Park. Yes, South Park Mall and much of its commercial and residential areas were once sprawling farmland. These trees originally lined the once country lane called Sharon Road.  Shrub Doctor was recently asked to assess the health of four of these mature trees. Shrub Doctor recommended that the trees first be pruned of all dead and dying limbs. After the trees were pruned,  rich organic nutrients were provided to each tree via deep root fertilization. Our mature trees are a Charlotte treasure yet they are undergoing severe stress due to drought, overcrowding, canker worms, and damages brought on by construction.  Shrub Doctor has addressed this problem with its annual fertilization program, where these mature trees are supplied with rich organic nutrients each year.  Shrub Doctor has ISA Certified Arborists on staff to assess the  heath of your trees. Contact Shrub Doctor today to learn more about how your trees can receive our personal care and special attention so they will continue to provide you joy in the generations ahead.

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Willow oakWillow Oak Quercus phellos.  The Willow Oak is probably the most popular tree for urban planting and design. Charlotte NC has over 160,000 street trees; 16% of those are willow oak. Our willow oaks contribute to the beauty and esthetics of our city streets and neighborhoods. Besides their beauty, our willow oaks contribute to the health of our environment. Two mature willow oak trees can annually provide all the oxygen for a family of four while absorbing all the carbon from their two cars. A mature oak can also absorb, transport, and evaporate over 50 gallons of water each day. Willow oak trees are a member of the red oak family and can live well past 100 years old. The willow oaks within the urban areas of Charlotte are now reaching the end of their lifespan. Shrub Doctor Inc, can partner with you to keep your willow oak trees strong and healthy for many years to come. Our certified arborists will evaluate your trees and determine a plan to keep your investments in top condition. Call Shrub Doctor today at 704-920-0290 for more information on how our Save That Tree program can benefit your aging willow oak trees.

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Canker worm 4

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Shrub Doctor was called out to this property today to find canker worms everywhere. They were on the side of the house, the fence, and were totally defoliating the vacant lot next to the property. They were even eating the plants and weeds on the ground. Shrub Doctor used a tree fogging machine, and treated the trees and shrubs about the area. Within 15 minutes, canker worms were falling from the sky.

The canker worms will be gone in about 10 days. The trees will put forth new leaves, yet they will use much stored energy in the process. It is highly recommended for any trees that have been damaged by canker worms, be treated via deep root injection to restore the vital nutrients expended during the regeneration of its leaf canopy.

Call Shrub Doctor today for a free evaluation of your canker worm damage. We can restore the tree to a vigorous state of health, to help it meet its next challenge thrown by nature.

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