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Shrub Doctor was given a unique challenge yesterday with providing a long-term sustainable solution for this Willow Oak tree. The tree has no space to grow in this backyard patio area. Shrub Doctor’s solution was a tree growth regulation treatment. This treatment reduces the growth of the tree’s canopy  and redirects its energy towards the production of a more fibrous root system. More fine roots mean more nutrient uptake, and a more efficient ability to absorb moisture. With its limited area for both, this tree needs all the help it can get. If you have a tree in a restricted area give Shrub Doctor a call. Our certified arborists will evaluate your tree and provide you with a long-term solution that provides a more sustainable future for your tree and landscape.



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Willow oakWillow Oak Quercus phellos.  The Willow Oak is probably the most popular tree for urban planting and design. Charlotte NC has over 160,000 street trees; 16% of those are willow oak. Our willow oaks contribute to the beauty and esthetics of our city streets and neighborhoods. Besides their beauty, our willow oaks contribute to the health of our environment. Two mature willow oak trees can annually provide all the oxygen for a family of four while absorbing all the carbon from their two cars. A mature oak can also absorb, transport, and evaporate over 50 gallons of water each day. Willow oak trees are a member of the red oak family and can live well past 100 years old. The willow oaks within the urban areas of Charlotte are now reaching the end of their lifespan. Shrub Doctor Inc, can partner with you to keep your willow oak trees strong and healthy for many years to come. Our certified arborists will evaluate your trees and determine a plan to keep your investments in top condition. Call Shrub Doctor today at 704-920-0290 for more information on how our Save That Tree program can benefit your aging willow oak trees.

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Myers Park is one of the oldest and most prominent areas of Charlotte, NC. It began development soon after World War I, and many of its trees are almost 100 years old. Charlotte is known for its majestic trees, and now Myers Park is saddled with the challenge of how to save them. As you see in the photos, many of the street lined trees have never had an adequate area to grow, and are now being invaded by roads, driveways, and sidewalks. Shrub Doctor is also seeing the signs of decay in several trees. As a tree ages, it often experiences root rot diseases. As the roots decay, the tree becomes very vulnerable to uprooting in a storm. Attached are photos of fungal conks growing on the root flairs at the tree’s base.. These trees will become more and more dangerous as the decay progresses. In one photo Shrub Doctor identified a huge tree that is slowly declining. Notice in the second photo that its directly in front of a very beautiful home. This is just one of several examples that can be seen while walking in Myers Park. If you see issues with your trees give Shrub Doctor a call. Mark Tally is a certified ISA arborist and will gladly meet with you. He will provide a free evaluation of your trees and provide solutions that can add years of life to your landscape. Give him a call today, 704-920-0290, or contact Mark Tally at mark.tally@shrubdoctor.com /2014/12/myers-park-1.jpg”>Myers Park 1 Myers Park 2 Myers Park 3 Myers Park 4 Myers Park 5 Myers Park 6 Myers Park 7 Myers Park 8

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Fully 15% of your property value can be attributed to the overall appearance of your landscape.

Neglected Ornamental Trees & Shrubs decline and take away from the value of your property.

Shrub Doctor provides annual integrated plant healthcare programs that control disease
and infestation in your ornamental trees and shrubs and promote healthy growth.

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