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As you drive along Sharon Road in Charlotte you will notice several mature Willow Oak Trees that line the road. These trees were originally planted as part of the Morrison farm and estate, back at the turn of the last century. What was once a farm is now called South Park. Yes, South Park Mall and much of its commercial and residential areas were once sprawling farmland. These trees originally lined the once country lane called Sharon Road.  Shrub Doctor was recently asked to assess the health of four of these mature trees. Shrub Doctor recommended that the trees first be pruned of all dead and dying limbs. After the trees were pruned,  rich organic nutrients were provided to each tree via deep root fertilization. Our mature trees are a Charlotte treasure yet they are undergoing severe stress due to drought, overcrowding, canker worms, and damages brought on by construction.  Shrub Doctor has addressed this problem with its annual fertilization program, where these mature trees are supplied with rich organic nutrients each year.  Shrub Doctor has ISA Certified Arborists on staff to assess the  heath of your trees. Contact Shrub Doctor today to learn more about how your trees can receive our personal care and special attention so they will continue to provide you joy in the generations ahead.


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Root flare rot 1Root flare rot 2

Every visit to Myers Park opens my eyes more to the declining health of our city trees. I noticed this tree today at the corner or Ardsley and Brunswick Ave. Notice the rotting root flare on one side of the tree, and the other cavity on the opposite side. While I was there I made some soundings to the trunk of the tree and found it to be rotting. I love our trees, yet this one may need to be removed. High winds could bring this one down on a car or pedestrian. If you feel concerned about the trees on your property give Shrub Doctor a call. Our ISA Certified Arborists will be glad to provide a free assessment of your tree’s health. Shrub Doctor has many solutions that will help prolong the life of your trees. Give us a call. We’ll be right out to see you.

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Canker worm 1 Canker worm 2 I went walking on Queens Road in Charlotte today to check the canker worm traps that protect the oaks of Myers Park. I wanted to see how much activity we’ve had in the city, and viewing the tree bands is a great way to see them. All the bands were full of female canker worms. Its amazing to see how well the traps are working. The second photo shows leaves and debris stuck to the bands. This allows the worms to walk right on over the barrier. Even with this issue I still noticed a lot of captured female insects. To learn more about the health of your mature trees, give Shrub Doctor a call. Our ISA Certified Arborists would enjoy the opportunity to help you. Call us today at 704-490-2000.

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