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jack-olantern-mushroomShrub Doctor was called assess the health of this oak tree yesterday. Normally mushrooms and fungal conks growing at the base of a tree indicate advanced stages of root decay. In this case, the tree was in perfect health.

These Jack O’lantern mushrooms are actually living off of the decaying mulch and leaf debris surrounding the tree. Jack O’lantern mushrooms get their name from the strange glow that is emitted from their underbelly. Jack O’lantern mushrooms contain a substance similar to that of a lightning bug, causing the areas around the mushroom to emit a faint glow in darkness.

If you see mushrooms growing around the base of your trees, call Shrub Doctor immediately. Not all assessments of basal fungi end in good news. Our ISA Certified Arborists will provide you a clear and accurate assessment of your trees so you will have a better understanding of the health of your landscape.

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sun scald 3sun scald 2The bark on these trees have exploded as a fungus has pushed through from underneath. These trees have experienced weak bark, and even small cracks in their bark, due to heat stress and possible wind damage. The excessive rain and humidity this summer, has allowed fungal spores to take hold within the wounded bark. Now the fungus has burst the bark layer. The tree with the worst wound may not make it for long. The other tree, with the long cracks in its bark, may recover as the season progresses.

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