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Tree straps 1 Tree straps 2 Tree straps 3 We were treating a new customer’s property the other day and noticed some mature trees with support straps girdling their trunk. The trees had been neglected for so long that the straps were now impossible to remove. We were successful in cutting one strap but the others were too deep to remove. As the tree grows larger, these straps will possibly cut off the flow of moisture and nutrients to the canopy. Over time the trees will decline and possibly die due to this condition. Support straps can usually be removed after a full year past installation, or until the tree develops enough root mass to support itself. Leaving straps on trees for too long can end in a mess. If you have any questions or concerns with the health of your trees, give Shrub Doctor a call. We are ISA certified arborists and will gladly give you a free analysis of any tree within your landscape. Call me personally at 704-920-0290, or email me at mark.tally@shrubdoctor.com

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