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Never under estimate where you might find great organic mulch around your house. The decaying leaf matter in your gutters can be spread around your shrubs to provide them a rich food source.

gutter mulch 1 gutter mulch 2

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Hugel Kulture 1Hugel Kulture 2Hugel Kulture 3Hugel Kulture 4Shrub Doctor recently utilized an old sustainable planting technique when transplanting this 50 year old acuba shrub. The hole was made deep enough to accept several small logs in the bottom. A thin layer of soil was added then watered to fill all the gaps around the logs. The shrub was planted directly on top of the logs. Over time, the logs will absorb and hold water, as well as provide an increased environment of beneficial fungi to the shrub’s root system. This planting practice will allow your shrubs to stay well hydrated during periods of drought. The decaying logs will also provide good organic nutrients for many seasons to come. To learn more about how you can adopt this technique in your landscape give Shrub Doctor a call. Call 1-888-2GO-Organic for more information about our 100% organic shrub and tree fertilization programs.

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