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Boxwood cover 2Boxwood cover 3boxwood cover 1 Last night’s snow heavily weighed down the limbs of my trees and shrubs. Here is an example of a boxwood shrub that is spread open by the snow. Heavy snow can severely damage your shrubs unless you take preventative action prior to the storm. In the following images you will see how I covered my prize 55 year old english boxwood prior to the snow and how it looked after being protected in its cozy cacoon.


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Ice stress 2Ice Stress 1 Last night’s storm left a frozen coating to the stalks and foliage of all our plants. Notice my camellia in the second photo. The weight of the ice has caused the limbs to droop and bend. Our first reaction is to shake off the snow and ice to keep our shrubs from breaking down. Shrub Doctor recommends that you refrain from this practice. Yes you may lose a limb or two by the heavy ice, but violent shaking to break off the ice may do more damage to the frozen stems of the plant. A better practice is to cover and support your shrubs prior to a predicted ice storm. (Mark Tally)

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