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Gall 2gall1While Shrub Doctor was responding to a call in the Lake Norman area yesterday, we noticed this cool insect gall on a low hanging limb of an oak tree. This growth is nothing more than a nest for a batch of insect eggs. They are protected during the winter months by this cotton-like interior. During the warm season, the insect eggs hatch. The insects chew a hole in the side of their home, and fly away to start the cycle all over again. There are over 1500 types of insect galls, and Shrub Doctor was never able to positively identify this particular insect nest.


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Lake Norman colorLake Norman color 2 I was out at “The Pointe”, on Lake Norman yesterday. The azaleas,dogwoods, and cherries are in full bloom. Many plants have fresh new foliage. Its a great time to be outside.

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