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Holly Leaf Spot FungusWe were servicing our Shrub Doctor customers today and came across an issue with Holly Leaf Spot Fungus. In the photo you will see that this fungus does not necessarily effect just hollies. The top leaf is from a Magnolia tree, the bottom left is an Acuba shrub, and the other a holly. All three of these plants are in an area near a stream. In addition to the location, our Charlotte Metro area has experienced an abundance of rainfall this season. This issue can lead to heavy defoliation of the plants. In most cases the plants will flush new growth in the Spring. Holly Leaf Spot is a cosmetic concern and is usually not fatal. You can minimize leaf spot activity by keeping your landscape properly pruned and clean of debris. Good airflow throughout the area is vital. Its also best to keep your plants on a healthy diet of balanced organic nutrients. Healthy plants resist disease just as healthy humans. If you see this condition in your landscape, give Shrub Doctor a call. We can help you with solutions that will reduce leaf spot fungus on your shrubs and trees. Shrub Doctor Inc. 704-920-0290.

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