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Cold temperatures 1Cold temperatures 2 It was 8 degrees when I left the house this morning. My orphan rhododendron shrub was all curled up and prepared for the cold. Plants are amazing living things. This curl is a natural reaction to the cold. The plant curls its foliage very tight to protect its inner surfaces from the cold and dry winds. This protects the delicate cells from freezing, and keeps the plant from dehydrating.

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freeze damage 1

freeze damage 2Here’s an example of the damage from the continued cold temperatures we have experienced in the Charlotte Metro area this week. We had several record lows recently, with an 8 degree low just this past Monday. The cold freezes the cells of the foliage, which causes the damage as seen in these photos. These damaged leaves should eventually shed away in the Spring. Often times the woody stalks of the plant will freeze. In this extreme case, the limb will actually burst, and any living tissue above the damaged area will die away.

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