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Azalea 2015About two years ago I found several azaleas thrown into a pile by the side of the road. They were all very weak and drying out. I took about 10 of them home and repotted them. Since then I have given them all away but this one. After only a few seasons this azalea is doing great. No one would ever know it was a shrub that was saved from the landfill. M. Tally.


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Camellia leaf gall I saw the first camellia leaf gall this season. When I went home, and found two on my camellia shrubs. Camellia Leaf Gall is a normal occurrence that is harmless to the plant. You will be shocked when you first see one, because they appear to be a distorted, rubbery camellia leaf. The phenomenon is caused by a fungus. If left on the plant, this gall will gradually decompose and drop to the ground, distributing thousands of fungal spores to the soil. These spores will cause more galls to appear in future seasons. Best practice is to remove the galls when you see them, and throw them away. Don’t worry. Your camellia is OK. It just looks a little odd for awhile.

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