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gloomy scale picgloomy scale 3 I noticed this maple tree today while taking a walk around inner Charlotte. The small bumps on the bark of this limb are gloomy scale insect shells. Gloomy scale is an invasive insect that attaches itself to the limbs of the tree and feed on the sugary sap just below the bark. In the late spring season, hundreds of scale insect eggs hatch from each existing shell and continue the cycle of infestation. Over time, the scale activity drains the tree of its energy and causes the tree to die. This photo shows a serious case of scale infestation. The black color that you see is mold growing on the excessive sticky sap excreted by the scale. We call this black substance “sooty mold”, due to its sooty black appearance. Many urban maple trees in the Charlotte communities are infested with gloomy scale. Winter is a great time to discover this issue since the trees are free of leaves. If gloomy scale is discovered in time, Shrub Doctor can sucessfully kill the scale infestation, and restore the tree to optimal health. If you find gloomy scale in your landscape, don’t hesitate to give Shrub Doctor a call. We’ll gladly visit your property and give you a free assessment of the condition. Shrub Doctor Inc, has ISA Certified Arborists on staff to diagnose any and all of your trees and plants within your landscape.

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